How can I create high quality SGI from Word documents?

SGI, also known as Silicon Graphics Image , is an image file format that is used to store black-and-white, gray-scale, and color images. It was developed by Paul Haeberli at Silicon Graphics and is one of the few formats to make use of a scan-line offset table to indicate the beginning of each scan line within compressed image data. SGI files may also contain only color maps or alpha channel data, and they may have a very large number of bit planes.

VeryPDF docPrint and VeryPDF docPrint Pro support you to create high quality SGI from Word documents. Take VeryPDF docPrint as an example, you can use it to convert each page of Word to a SGI file. This is because VeryPDF docPrint suppors batch conversion.

This article aims to show you how to  create high quality SGI from Word documents via VeryPDF docPrint:

1 input the Word documents you want to convert from Word to SGI  to VeryPDF docPrint.

  • Firstly, open one Word document you want to convert from Word to SGI;
  • Secondly, press Ctrl +P on the keyboard;
  • Thirdly, select docPrint  in the Name combo box in the Print dialog box that pops out.


  • Then, click OK, then you can view the document which you want to convert from Word to SGI in the docPrint dialog box that appears on the screen as illustrated as following:


You can repeat the above four steps to add all the other Word documents you want to convert  to VeryPDF docPrint one by one.

2 Open the Save as dialog box.

In the Save as dialog box, you can set color and image parameters and select a directory to store the  outputting files, and select the proper output format. To open the  Save as dialog box, you should click the disc icon 360截图20111031130327085  in the docPrint dialog box,


or click Filein the docPrint dialog box>choose Save as on the drop down menu.


3 Set color depth and image resolution parameters.

Color depth can represent the color of a single pixel, and Image resolution describes the detail an image holds. To get high quality SGI files from Word documents, you should  choose 32-bit in the Color Depth combo box, and choose 6ooX600 dpi  in the Resolution combo box, since the higher the color depth and image resolution, the higher quality you can get.

4 Save the files in SGI format.

  • Select a directory to store the  SGI files in the Save in  combo box and list box.
  • Type the original name of the outputting files in the File name edit box. The names generated by the computer will base on this original name. For instance, if you type “SGI” in the File name edit box, then, the names of the outputting files will be “SGI0001”, “SGI0002”, “SGI0003”, etc.
  • Specify SGI File(*.SGI ) in the Save as type combo box as the outputting format.
  • Press Save to create a high quality SGI file from a Word document.


In a few seconds, you can get several SGI files converted from Word documents. Here you know how to create SGI from Word documents. If you have better ideas on how to create high quality SGI files from other documents, please don’t hesitate to share them with us at the following website

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