How can I print a TIFF image to PDF file?

TIFF is short for Tagged Image File Format which is bitmapped image file format. TIFF files are large and high quality so they commonly transport color or grey-scale images into page layout applications but not suite to transport web content.For example, you have a lot of beautiful photos or TIFF format to share with your friends via Internet,it will cost you a lot of time to upload the photos.The advantages of TIFF is the wide support of almost any image format. It is also its weakness, due to the fact that a comprehensive software support for TIFF is hard to find.

PDFcamp Printer allows you to print a tiff to pdf file.You can download PDFcamp Printer on the website . If you are converting or going to convert tiff to pdf files, this article will help you and make the procedures of converting more fluently.

Step1.You can open a tiff file by some software such as photoshop, GS veiw, or picture and fax viewer of windows system itself.In the dialog box you can clickimage  icon on the tool bar, you also can use the hot key “Ctrl”+ “P” to run the printer driver in your computer.Please look at figure1.



Step2.Then the photo printing wizard will come out and you should just click “next” button.In next dialog box,you can select which image you want to convert and just check it or them.For convenience, if you want to print all the pictures,you can click “select all” button.Then click “next”.Please look at figure2.



Step3.Then the wizard will ask you what printer do you want to use.You should choose PDFcamp Printer in the combo box.If there is no printer you want to use,you can click “install printer” button to install one yourself.You can set the parameters of PDFcamp Printer by clicking “printing preferences” button.Look at figure3.



Step4.After setting parameters,you can click “ok” and “next” to make sure layout of pdf file.The system supplies 9 kinds of available layouts for you to select.Please look at figure4.Each kind of layout can be previewed on the right side.



Step5.Save your pdf file in “save as” dialog,look at figure5.



Then you can see the new pdf file after the conversion of tiff to pdf.Please look at figure6.



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