How can I print a Word document to text file by PDFcamp Printer?

You may ask why print word to text?there are some advantages of the conversion

  • small file size and, as a result, saved disc space
  • plain text with no formatting and/or unusual characters
  • compatibility with the vast majority of applications

This article is about the function of PDFcamp Printer printing word to text.If you have the same requirement in your work or studies,you can read this article and get some help from it.PDFcamp Printer supports all kinds of languages that are supported by word files. It even supports word documents that mix several kind of languages together.

For example,there is a foreign language word file(Figure 1) in your computer and you want to print it to text file.You can do like this.

1.Open the file,then click “file” and “print” in the dropdown list.You also can use the hot key “Ctrl”+ “P”at the same time to start printing.


                                                        Figure 1.

2.You should select the PDFcamp Printer as your current printer in “name” combo box in the popping up window.Then you need to set the printer’s parameters by clicking “properties”button.

3.In “save as”tab,you should and must check “output as text file” which is key of the whole task.You can check “view after creation”or not.But to check it will make your work more convenient.Then you can click “OK”.

4.In order to output the same characters to content of original file,you’d better click “font embedding” and add all fonts.


                                                   Figure 2.

4.Save and name the text file.

The new text file will come out(Figure 3) and you will find the characters are same as the original file.


                                                      Figure 3.

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