How can I save my email attachment to PDF file?

When your friend send a email to you,maybe a card,a form,a picture or a very important file in the attachment which you want to store in your computer for long and don’t want anyone except you to modify. Of course you hope the size of the attachment is small to occupy the space of your computer.So how to save your email attachment without freely modifying and a small size?Print it to pdf file will be a great idea.If you want to save your attachment to pdf file,you will need the software PDFcamp Printer.

You can take hotmail of MSN for example and you can master it like this:

1.If you receive an email from your friend and there is an important file in the attachment,you can download the attachment first.You need to find a location for the attachment and name it.

2.Just open the local file which you have just stored in your computer from the attachment.If it is a word,an excel,or other kinds of file,you can click the button “file”—“print” or use the hot key “Ctrl”+ “P”to print the attachment to pdf by using PDFcamp Printer.

3.In the popup window you can set the parameters of the printer by clicking the button “properties”,and there are many kinds of parameter you can set according to your needs,such as “page setup”, “compression”, “doc info” and so on.

4.You need to click “print” button after setting,and you should save and name the new pdf file in the popup window.

5.If everything above have been done,the task attachment to pdf by PDFcamp Printer has been finished.

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