How to convert a document of mhtml to bitmap?

MHTML stands for MIME HTML (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Hypertext Markup Language), which is a web page archive format preliminarily created for Microsoft Internet Explorer, and, HTML is a makeup language for organizing web pages. A mhtml archive file stores all the required resources for displaying a html page in one single file. That means the component elements of a web page, e.g., texts, graphics, scripts and audios are all contained in one portable mhtml archive file rather than in more than one different directories or documents. The extension name for mhtml is “mht” and a mhtml file is always called a mht file. BITMAP is an image standard that supports storing digital images in raster mode and its extension is “bmp”.

Running in the MS-DOS command prompt mode, the VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line is able to convert a document of mhtml to bitmap image using the similar commands as follows:

D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe D:\htmltools\Verypdf.mht D:\htmltools\Verypdf.bmp <Enter>.

In the command lines, “D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe” calls the executable component of the conversion tool, “D:\htmltools\Verypdf.mht” indicates the path and name of the source mhtml document. The output file path, name and target conversion format are specified by “D:\htmltools\Verypdf.bmp”.

The conversion procedures, mhtml to bitmap, are just shown in the following screen snapshot.


Below is the viewing effect of a part of the image converted from mhtml to bitmap.


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