How to convert EMF image to PDF file?

EMF can keep image manipulation capabilities and works quite well if your working platform is Windows based applications and it is primarily associated with Enhanced Windows Metafile Format. A metafile is played when its records are converted to device commands and processed by the appropriate device. After a picture is complete and the last record is stored, you can pass the metafile to another application by using the clipboard, Embedding it within another file and store it on disk then you can play it repeatedly. A drawback of using EMF files is that they are generally only supported by Windows-based applications, if you change your working platform, the EMF file can not be read.

In order to avoid this kind of troubles occur, we can convert the  EMF file to PDF file first then we show it or read it anywhere. I convert my EMF file by the following steps:

  • Downloading a software here:  It is Image2PDF v3.2 which can convert automatically clear and skew-correct B/W images by employing special techniques to insure high quality output after conversion.
  • When you enter the downloading page, please save this file, unzip it and let it run in your computer.


  • Add your file to Image2PDF. I will take a random EMF picture for example,name it as “example.emf”. 1  If you feel the picture in the interface screen is a little small, you can adjust the size by clicking “Image” on the top menu bar. Also draging the frame of interface screen is to  adjust the display Scale.


  • Then you can click the button “Making PDF” to finish the converting.  When you click it, there will bounce a dialog box to let you name the new PDF file and save it. You’d better name it the same as the source file, it will be convenient for your future searching. It is not hard to find that all the menu buttons go grey which means you can not edit it now. If you find you edited by mistake, you have to click “Cancel” and redo it.


  • One to three seconds, there will be a PDF file on the desktop. The EMF image is in the format of PDF now.
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