How to print PBM, PPM, PNM, PGM images to PDF files?

PBM is a file extension used to store black-and-white bitmaps.It is developed by programmer Jef Poskanzer.PBM images can be sent as e-mail attachments without corrupting.It means if you transfer PBM images,the data will not lose.

PPM is short for Portable Pixel Map which can be used to make wonderful color(full color) pictures,also include black-and-white.It is a simple RGB color image description.If you want to specific the exact color of each pixel,you can use PPM file.

PGM is short for portable gray map format which is designed to be extremely easy to learn and write programs for.PGM files can be viewed and edited with a text editor on all popular operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

They are also sometimes referred to collectively as the portable anymap format (PNM).

All the file formats mentioned above can be printed to pdf files by PDFcamp Printer and the steps are same,you just need to learn one kind.For example,you want to print ppm to pdf file.

Step1.Open your ppm file first by right clicking the file and find the program which can open a ppm file.Then you can click “file” – “print” in the GUI or press “Ctrl” + “P” to run printer driver.Please look at figure1.



Step2.Please choose PDFcamp Printer in “printer” combo box of “printer preview” dialog box.Then you can click “printer setup” button or not.Because in “print setup” dialog box you can click “properties” button to set the parameters of PDFcamp Printer.If you don’t need,you can click “print” directly.Please look at figure2.



Step3.Save and name your pdf file in “save as ”dialog box.

If you have done all the steps above,you can view your new pdf file now.

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