How to use the function of “fill form” by use of verypdf pdf editor?

Do you notice the function of “fill form”be always closed? How to light it, how to use the function and what is it? In fact the option is special to fill a form, only when a pdf whose content is a form is added to “verypdf pdf editor”, the function of “fill form”can be enabled. Next I explain in detail.

Add a pdf file whose content is a form with many blanks you need to fill or many choice you need to mark, When you have added the pdf file, the function of “fill form” is enabled.


Click the “Fill Form” option, thus you can fill the form of the pdf file. Move the cursor in the appropriate place and click. Look at the illustration below:


In the blank marked by the red rectangle you can fill, the character you enter is limited, in the form of the sample, you only enter five characters, maybe different forms with different characters’ capacity. This example is not enough to express the advantage of the “Fill Form” function, please go on the illustration below:


In these squares marked by the red a “image ”sign will be appeared when you click every time.

Do you understand the function of “Fill From”now?

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