I want convert PCD document to PDF file, please help me.

When you are taking pictures by your digital cameras or mobile phones,there is an option you always think about which one to choose.It’s photo resolution.The resolution can be composed by five grades.

  • 192 x 128 - 73,728 bytes
  • 384 x 256 - 294,912 bytes
  • 768 x 512 - 1,179,648 bytes
  • 1536 x 1024 - 4,784,128 bytes
  • 3072 x 2048 - 19,070,976 bytes

The smaller the byte number is,the lower resolution will be.Each PCD file contains five scans of the same image at the above resolutions.

This article will introduce to you what is PCD file and how to convert it to pdf file.

PCD ,short for Photo CD which was developed by Kodak means the highest resolution format for images on a CD.  A PCD file contains five different resolution (ranging from low to high) of a slide or film negative.If the size of PCD file is too large to transport via internet hardly,So you can convert a big size pcd file to a smaller size pdf file by using PDFcamp Printer.Here are some steps for you.

Step 1.Open your pcd file by Adobe Photoshop, Pagemaker,  CorelDraw or some other software.For example,by IrfanView.Please look at figure1.



Step2.click “file” – “print” or press “Ctrl” + “P” to run printer driver.In the current dialog box,please choose “PDFcamp Printer” in

“printer” combo box.You can see the result in preview frame.Please look at figure2.



Step3.Next,you can click “printer setup” button to enter into next dialog.Please look at figure3.If you need to change the parameters of PDFcamp Printer,you should click “properties” button.If not,you can click “OK” directly.



Step4.Click “print” button in figure2,which leads you to “save as” dialog.You can save and name your file in this dialog box.

After that,you will see a new pdf file come out through the conversion of pcd to pdf file.Look at figure4.



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