I want to upload my paper but I do not want it to be copied or printed by others,how should I do?

  The Internet, although being extensively beneficial suffers from a major drawback, which is, enabling almost effortless plagiarism. Some lazy guys plagiarize others ideas and crystallization of wisdom. I can understand your concern. With the rising concern over “intellectual property theft”, of course you will worry that your efforts will be taken by others gratuitous.Then even if you want to share your ideas or finding with others, you still have this kind of concern. How to design effective and innovative techniques to curb this dilemma.  If  your are feel awkward in this situation, you can try this way.

  You print your paper first then scan them to your PC , convert the scanned paper to PDF file and add“No printing” and “No copying”restriction for it then set a high level password, in this way, I guess no once can copy your paper easily. For one thing, the scanned picture is hard to be converted to other format file. For other thing, if you set the restriction by Image2PDF, it is hard to break the limitation.   If you are interested in it, please read the following part.

  • Download Image2PDF here: http://www.verypdf.com/tif2pdf/tif2pdf.htm#dl    When you enter the downloading interface, please read the usage and features carefully. You will find Image2PDF is more powerful than it seems.
  • Scan your printed paper then upload it to your PC.
  • Double click the icon of Image2PDF to run this software.
  • Add the scanned paper to Image2PDF. I will take some scan pages for example.If you keep your files at different directories, you can click “File” at the top menu list then to “Add Directory” to add the files.


  • You’d better combine all the pages of your paper to one PDF file. But if you want convert it to separate PDF files according to different chapters, this software also can make it to you.  This interface comes from “Setting”menu “Save Mode” part. There are still other options, you can choose them as you need. Click OK to end the setting.


  • Then set limiting conditions still at  “Setting”menu  but “Encrypt Option”.  Here set a password to open the PDF file, you also can set up a password to change the permission. The encryption level is up to you. All the permission are shown in the “Permission” column, set your limits of authority here. Click OK to end the setting.


  • If you have finished the setting, click “Make PDF” to finish the converting.
  • A few seconds later, your PDF file will be shown automatically.
  • When you open it, you have to input the password yourself.


  • After enter password, it will open. Check the property of this PDF is like this:


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