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good afternoon ...

I am writing from Santiago de Chile.

I need to buy the license of "PDF to Text", but I need to know how the record. You sent me a code which I should replace the program I downloaded from the internet PDF2TXTSetLicenseCode "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX".

Would be so kind to explain how I register the dll before Campra.

From already thank you very much.

Yours sincerely.
You can run following command line to register PDF2TXTCOM.exe COM interface first, (you need run following command line in a CMD window which own administrator privilege),

PDF2TXTCOM.exe /regserver

Then you can use following VBS (VB Script) example to convert your PDF file to text file,
       Dim oTest
       dim nRet

         Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
         strFolder = fso.GetParentFolderName(wscript.ScriptFullName)
         destiantionPath = strFolder & "\verypdf.pdf"

       Set oTest = CreateObject("PDF2TXTCOM.PDF2TXT")
       oTest.com_SetTXTFormat 1
       oTest.com_SetZoomRatio 90
       nRet = oTest.com_Pdf2Txt(strFolder & "\sample1.pdf", strFolder & "\sample1-pdf2txt.txt")
       nRet = oTest.com_Pdf2TxtEx(strFolder & "\sample1.pdf", strFolder & "\sample1-pdf2txtEx.txt",0,0,"","")
       MsgBox "Convert Success!"

Please replace "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" with your real license key, you will able to convert your PDF file to text file without any restrictions.


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  1. Hallo, ich wollte die Testversion von PDF2 TXT öffnen. An dieser Stelle wird
    ein Registrations Key verlangt, wo bekomme ich diesen her?

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