Printing A3 PDF document with A3 tray

I am currently developing some software for a customer who wishes to send PDF documents of various standard sizes to specific trays/printers. All is working well except the printing of A3 PDF documents. I send a command line such as the one below, which should print the specified PDF document from tray 3 of the printer. The document is 16.54x11.69 inches (420x297 mm), and tray 3 of the printer is loaded with A3 stationery. The customer tells me that their printer, a Ricoh 8200, shows the message "change tray 3 to A4".

The command I am sending is:

pdfprint –paper pdf –chgbin 260 –printer \\server\printer \\server\folder\A3Document.pdf

Changing the document name and chgbin value in this command line works perfectly for the various A4 sized PDF documents, I just cannot get the A3 documents to print from the A3 tray.

Am I missing something, or might this be an issue with the customer’s printer ?


What is tray number for the A3 paper? You need set correct tray number for A3 paper to -chgbin parameter, we assume the tray number of A3 paper is 261, you can use following command line to print your A3 PDF file with A3 tray,

pdfprint -paper pdf -chgbin 261 –printer \\server\printer \\server\folder\A3Document.pdf

Thanks, but I have got it working.
It seems that the "-paper pdf" part of the command line was the problem, for the printer in question, anyway. I replaced "-paper pdf" with "-paper 8" and the A3 document printed on paper from the correct tray. I don't understand why this should make a difference, given that the dimensions of the PDF document being printed match those of A3 paper ... ?
"-paper pdf" will retrieve paper size from PDF file and set the paper size to target printer, it will use customized paper size type, "-paper 9" is the standard paper size,

Maybe the Tray Selection function in your printer is support standard paper size only, it is not support customized paper size type, we will try to convert “customized paper size”  to “standard paper size” in the next version of PDFPrint Command Line application.


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