Printing with colors in PCL to PDF Converter product


A few weeks ago   I asked you how to print in colormode.  Now I found out how to do this. I am using the simpleColor mode with RGB palette. ( command ESC*r3U)

With this command I am creating PDF files

pcltool.exe -append 3  -templateatbottom -template Meel_factuur2.pdf prfile.prn L:\VeryPDF\pdfprint_cmd\temp\MeelFaktuur.pdf -view

When I am printing with Cyan color, we get a perfect result!!!  Attached you'll find the PRFILE_cyan. The command v6S gives the text at the top of the page a cyan color.

Now I want to print to modify that cyan-textline into a white color, that's why I give the command v7S. I cannot find or get the white printed text out of the outputPDF file. Because the background image is partly black (the Koopmans-logo) I expected some white colored text.

We want to use this white text for a special program. (tnt as I wrote you before)

Do you have any ideas or suggestion how to print this text line in a white color?

Attached you can find both prn files.

This is original PCL file with cyan color text,


This is converted PDF file with cyan color text, everything is fine in this PDF file,


Thanks for your message, we will research the problem of white color text contents shortly.

In the meantime, we suggest you may use 0xFEFEFE to instead of 0xFFFFFF color to try again, will you get better result with 0xFEFEFE color?

Thanks for your mail!.

You wrote:
we suggest you may use 0xFEFEFE to instead of 0xFFFFFF color to try again.
I don't really know how to print whith 0xFFFFFF color etc. I just introduced myself in printing with the PCL SimpleColor Mode with commands like
Esc*r3U to select an 8-entry RGB Simple Color palette
Esc*v1S to set a  foreground color in Red etc.

You can also use the 3-plan CMY modus: I hope 0xFEFEFE is the white-command in CMY modus. That 's why I made it to the CMY Modus with this command (see attached PRN/PCL file)
*v0S (s0p11h0s0b4099T
J. van Rangelrooij              XXXXXXXXXXX 06-10-2011      1168119    TNTK1_MEEL *v7S (s0p12.4h0s0b4099T
(see also atached file)
After VeryPDF generated a PDF-document from that PCL-file, I tried to select this Text in the PDF-document, but I can't  select this text in the PDF document  even if its printed in CMY mode.

Perhaps 0xFEFEFE means something else. Your suggestions are very welcome.
Thanks for your message, we will research this problem shortly, we will let you know as soon as we have any finding on this problem, thanks for your patience.


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