You can copy the text from pdf file to clipboard by use of verypdf pdf editor

Clipboard accompanying with the computer, an accessory of computer can record information. The way to enter clipboard is as follow: click “start” menu,  choose “run” column and click it, input the command “clipbrd” and confirm. Thus clipboard page window is opened. Next I teach you how to copy text from pdf to clipboard.

When a pdf file is put into the software of “verypdf pdf editor” , you can select the content that you like as a collection. Click “View” in the toolbar or click “Tools”, find “Hand” option and click. Then on the rightmost there are two icons that light at the same time. Both of the two icons you can use to serve for you, but the first icon whose icon is like the capital letter “T”  doesn’t often satisfy you, the display is the part of the content you choose, not the whole, the reason perhaps relate to parameter, I’m not very clearly now. But you can use the second icon that is like the sign of “camera” .

After click “View” icon click the “camera” icon, then your cursor becomes a cross figure, with the new cursor you encircle the content that you want, when the operation completed, a tooltip will pop automatically, then confirm, by then the operation of copying the text from pdf file to clipboard finishes. Look at the illustration below:



This is the tooltip after your choice.


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