Can I convert image file to PDF using the same file name by Image2PDF?

   Yes, if you want to use the image file name to name the PDF file, it is okay by Image2PDF. It often occurs to us that we receive all kinds files from friends, colleague, boss and others each day but we have lots of things to handle everyday. In order to not forget to check those files, we want to keep them in the shortest time but in the safest way. When you have spare time then you can check them carefully. For this kind of situation,Image2PDF is a good choice.  Then I will show you how to make it?

  • Download Image2PDF it here: When you see the package “image2pdf.exe”, please save it, unzip it and let it run in your computer.
  • Add your file to it. I will take one a website screenshot for example. Say when you receive a paper agreement from your boss which needs you to keep in the archives , then you can scan it to PC and store it to an appointed folder.  Then you can put away the paper document, If you want to check the details, you can see the scanned one.


  • Please set the requirements for your PDF file by clicking “Setting” button. Say you want to name the PDF file in the source file name, please go to “Save Mode” label, then choose the option in yellow. If you choose it, your PDF files will be kept in original directories with corresponding file name. Then you can also see the source file if you like. You can also combine all files you got in one day to one PDF file. If you want to insert it to the existed PDF file, you can also achieve it in this menu label.


  • You have another way to figure this matter out. Image2PDF has a special function that it can monitor multiple directories, if you choose the directories to be monitored, the files in them will be converted to PDF automatically. Once you add one to it, the one will be converted immediately. If you want to use this function, please click “File” on the top then go to “Monitor Special Directory”. Then please choose the directories to be monitored.



  • After setting those, if you do not have other requirement for your PDF file then you can finish the conversion by clicking “Make PDF”, a few seconds later, you will find the PDF files in your appointed folder.

By Image2PDF, you can convert the image file to PDF one in many ways. No matter which way you take, it will save a lost of time for you.

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