How can I specify print copies when printing PDF via command line?

It is very easy to specify print copies when printing PDF by means of command line. This article will recommend the very powerful software PDFPrint Command Line, which is capable of printing PDF files to any printer device that is accessible through the Windows operating system.

The following will shed light on the way to print PDF copies, please read carefully and do it yourself:

1. First of all, I suggest you to place the folder “pdfprint_cmd” which contains the executable file “pdfprint.exe”, and the PDF file which you want to print into the same directory root, for example disk D root folder “D:\”.

2. Run the command prompt

You can run the command prompt by clicking “Start” which is in the left down corner on the computer screen; > click “Run” on the menu; > enter “cmd”(without square brackets) in the edit box in the “Run” dialog box; > press “OK” to close the “Run” dialog box.


You will see a black and white window appears on the screen, and that is the command prompt as illustrated below.


3. Change the directory root

Enter d: (without square brackets) in the command prompt to change the default directory root to disk D. This will help you simplify the command lines you need to enter, especially when there are multiple PDF files.


4. Enter command line

Because we have placed the folder “pdfprint_cmd” which contains the executable file “pdfprint.exe”, and the PDF file in the root folder “D:\”, we can enter the following command line:

pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe -copies 3 c5.pdf

  • pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe directs to the executable file “pdfprint.exe” which is in the folder “pdfprint_cmd” placed on disk D;
  • -copies 3 is the instruction given to the printer to print PDF for three times. -copies is the command, and the number following the command is how many copies you want.
  • c5.pdf means that you want to print PDF file “c5.pdf”. Because this PDF file is in the root folder “D:\”, you do not need to type the full directory here. If you want to print a PDF file “c6.pdf” which is placed on a different disk like disk E, you should enter its full directory like E:\c6.pdf.

5. Press “Enter” on the keyboard

After you have entered the above command line, you should press “Enter” on your keyboard. The computer will send message to the accessible printer, and the printer will begin to print this PDF file for three times. The following command prompt can show you the process of printing.


In order to get more information about PDFPrint Command Line, please visit the following website:

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