How to edit pdf information

Today my topic is how to edit pdf information by using the Advanced PDF Tools. This software can maintain the pdf files. It has many functions like we can edit pdf information, modify open action, edit pages, optimize  pdf files, add Metadata, and modify custom fields and so on. Even it has so many useful functions, but you need to be patient  to them, all these functions we will explain it to you in this website: If you are interested in them, you can go to this website and read more about this software. Here I will emphasis on how to edit pdf information by using this software.

So what is pdf information ?

Pdf information consist of the title, the subject, the author, the keywords, the Create Date,  the modify data, creator, and the producer. Today I will edit one of the pdf information (the subject) as an example. The same way to other pdf  information .

First, you need go to this website and purchase the Advanced PDF Tools .

Second, install this software procedure in your computer, and remember to register user, because if you do not register, it is just a trial version. Some functions will be disabled. Make sure you had successfully finished the installation. It will appear an icon in your desktop if you store it in  this location. There will appear an icon in your desktop.  Please look this picture.




Third , let this software run and drag your pdf file(MindManager_Viewer_Guide.pdf) into this program. Then click the label page “summary”, and check the box “Subject” and input “edit pdf information” into the light bar. Then save the change. Please look at picture 1.


(Picture 1)

Third, separately click the documents properties of the  changed file (2.25) and the after changing file.You will find that we had edited pdf information by using the Advanced PDF Tools. Here I give you two screenshots to illustrate it. Please look at picture 2 and picture3.


image (Picture 2)

image(Picture 3)

If you read my article carefully, I think that you can master this function very quickly. Since we had know how to edit pdf information by using the Advanced PDF Tools,how about purchasing it and experiencing it by yourself.The functions of this software the Advanced PDF Tools are not only just solve how to edit pdf file producer information ,it  can solve many pdf problems that you will meet them in your daily work.

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