How to hide menu bar and window controls ?

If you want to change the “open action” of your pdf files, I recommend the Advanced PDF Tools to you.  Because this software can change the  pdf files “open action” very simple and quick. Today I will tell you how to hide menu bar and window controls by using the Advanced PDF Tools. The advantages of this operation is very obvious. It makes your pdf work space become larger than before, it can also let your pdf work space become concisely and simply. After the change, you can read your pdf files more easier than before.

How can we hide menu bar and window controls by using the advanced PDF Tools?

Here I will illustrate the operation step by step, and you need to pay attention on it, hope my article can give you a hand in your daily work.

1, Download and install

Click into this website:  and download this software, do remember to extract it, for it is a zipped package. Install it in your computer for the future use. The important step is that you should better to register it, if not some functions of this software are disable.   

2, Hide menu bar and window controls

First, let this software run, and move your pdf file(PoemsTestDoc.pdf) into this program. Hit the label page “Open action”,  find the title “User interface option”. Then cancel the default status “Not change”. Then check the small boxes “Hide menu bar” and “Hide tool bar” . At last, save the change. Please look at picture 1.

image (Picture 1)

3, find the difference  between the before changing and the after changing

First you need to open the before changing pdf file and the after changing file. Here I give you two screenshots to show you the difference , it is a visualized difference, you can easily found the change. Please look at picture 2 and picture 3.


image (Picture 2)

image(Picture 3) 

After compared  the picture 2 and picture 3, you will find that we had already hided the menu bar and the window controls of the pdf files by using the Advanced PDF Tools. You see the process is so simple, so why not to purchase this software and apply in your daily work? Thanks for your reading.

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