How to make pdf files opened in single page view by using the Advanced PDF Tools

Today my topic is how to make pdf files opened in single page view by using the Advanced PDF Tools.If your pdf files can not fully  show in single page,I guess that you need to focus on my topic.Sometimes,we meet this situation that the font size is very large or the page layout is not reasonable  so that we can not let the pdf files open in single page view.This time you need to solve the problem and  make pdf files opened in  single page.Here is a software the Advanced PDF Tools ,it can solve this problem. Anyway if you have other good ways to handle with it,please ignore my topic ,if not,just read carefully,do not worry about it ,the operation is simple and quick.I will explain  it combine to picture in order to let you understand easily.I hope that my explanation can improve your daily  office efficiency.

Let’s come to straight,first I will find  a pdf file that can not open in single page view.The reason is that I will use this special pdf file to do a test in order to let you find the effect.

The first step,you need to double click the icon of the Advanced PDF Tools,If you have not it ,please go to this website and download it ,a good new is that you can use the trial version.And then let this software run .When this software is opening, you need to drag your PDF file into this program.Later you will enter into the application interface.You can see the label pages like(Summary/Open actions/pages/Optimize/Image/Metadata/Custom fields/About),please click the label page”Open action” .You can see the option boxes like (start page number/Magnification/Page layout) .You need to find “Page layout ”,the matched option box default property is “Not change” ,but you need to choose the “single page” .Because this action can make pdf files opened in single page view.  It can let this function come true. Then save the change.Please look at picture 1.


The second step,please open the changed pdf file, you will find the change,we had made pdf files opened in single page view by using the Advanced PDF Tools.I also give you screenshots (picture 2 and picture 3) and compare to them, the difference is so clearly.Here please look at picture 2 and picture 3,it is very obvious. When you compare to them ,you will find that after the change,the pdf files opened in single page view.


(picture 2 )


(picture 3)

You see it is very easy to operate it,according to the picture 2 and picture 3,you can easily find the  effect of the Advanced PDF Tools,if you are interested in the Advanced PDF Tools,or you want to know more about how to make pdf files opened in single page view ,you can refer to its homepage  or  visit and read more articles.Meanwhile if you think it is useful and remember go to this website and purchase it,the price is very favorable.

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