How to set resolution in generated pdf file by command line?

If you want to insert a image to a PDF but the image is not clear, you have to set resolution for the image file. Then how to set the resolution by command line?If you are interested in this topic, please read the following article.

I introduce software named Image2PDF OCR Command Line v3.2 which not only can convert the image or PDF file to searchable PDF file, it also can set resolution for the image file.Image2PDF OCR product provides the most accurate OCR results available to the production imaging marketplace while minimizing PDF file size with full compression and retaining original image and text layout. Then I will show you how to set resolution for image file by command line.

  • Visit its homepage and download it.

Image2PDF OCR is the main player to finish the converting and set resolution  for the generated pdf, so we should read the introduction and manual carefully. It has many other functions which will be helpful for your future use. If you feel it good, you can download it to your computer and have a try. This is the homepage link;

  • Call Image2PDF OCR

By the common steps to run MS Dos Windows. Start the DOS command line window (i.e. run "cmd" command from "Start Menu"->"Run"); then run the Img2PDF OCR command from the command line window (Img2PDF OCR software can be found in your Image2PDF OCR command line uncompress directory . Do the converting according to the usage:  Img2PDF [options] <-o output> <images>   The detail steps should be followed: Img2PDF  OCR –> --r ration –o –> output file—> input image file.

I take a random image file for example. You can also add other parameters to it in the same time.


  • We can find the clearer.pdf in the folder E:\2011-9-28, by checking the PDF file, you will know the set resolution effect.


By this way, you can insert a image file to an existed PDF file more clearly. You also can make the PDF file or image to searchable PDF file.

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