How to use docPrint PDF Driver printer to convert Word to TIFF format?

The following side-by-side comparison shows you the effect of conversion from Word to TIFF via VeryPDF docPrint PDF Driver printer. The content is well preserved from the source Word document to TIFF Image file.

Before: the Word document          After: the TIFF image file

clip_image002   clip_image003

You can try to use VeryPDF docPrint PDF Driver printer to convert Word to TIFF format yourself. VeryPDF docPrint PDF Driver printer is a virtual printer included in many VeryPDF products like docPrint and PDF camp. You can download the free trial version of docPrint or PDF camp from the following website:  and begin to Word to TIFF and convert any other printable document to files in TIFF, TIFF, PNG, PDF, etc. The following four steps can lead you to convert Word to TIFF image format via docPrint PDF Driver printer. Please follow and do it yourself.

1. Open the document you want to convert from Word to TIFF in any MS Office application like MS Word 2010.

2. Open the [Print] interface as illustrated below by pressing [Ctrl+P] on the keyboard. Then, you can preview the source document on the interface and select page range on the interface. Sometimes it might be a dialog box titled [Print] if the MS Office application you use to open the Word document is Word 2003 or else.


3. Click the [Printer] combo box and choose [docPrint PDF Driver] on the pulling down listing in the [Printer] combo box. >Then, click on the [Print] button above the [Printer] combo box to open the [Save As] dialog box. Normally, it will take seconds to open the [Save As] dialog box. If the size of the source document is large, it will longer. If you find the [Print] dialog box on the screen instead of the [Print], you should choose [docPrint PDF Driver] as the printer, and click a button like [OK] to open the [Save As] dialog box.


4. When you see the [Save As] dialog box as illustrated above, you should first specify [TIFF File (*.tif, *.tiff)] as the output format on the pulling down menu of the [Save as type] combo box; Then, select a directory to export the TIFF files in the [Save in] combo box and list box; third, type a file name for the TIFF file in the [File name] edit box; fourth, click on the [Save] button to close the [Save As] dialog box. A little printer icon will appear on the task bar in the right down corner of the screen. When the little printer icon disappears from the task, it means the conversion from Word to TIFF is finished.

Now you can view the effect of conversion form Word to TIFF yourself. Don’t you think it is very easy to use docPrint PDF Driver printer to convert documents? Many of my friends recommend this way to convert documents via docPrint PDF Driver printer because it can save a lot of time. If you are interested in other VeryPDF products , please visit the following website: .

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