Convert prn to pxl and set page size via command line?

If you begin to dislike your converting job, it’s time for you to find a new tool to help so as to activate you fervent love to work. The introduces you PCL Converter command line, which helps you convert prn to pxl and set page size. Input pcltool.exe -width 500 -height 500 C:\in.prn C:\out.pxl in command prompt, you not only can convert prn to pxl but also set page size. To ensure you understand, the posts texts and pictures to illustrate.

Click the following link to download PCL Converter command line

Note, there are two ways to experience PCL Converter command line: one is to press “try”, the other one to press “Buy now”. The former one means you are entitled 50times free of charge to experience this wonderful software. The latter one means you purchase it for permanent use. You take below picture as reference.

installing interface of PCL Converter

Input command line to convert prn to pxl and set page size

The way to input command line is pretty easy, do Justas the following picture indicates,

1) Click “start” and then go to “Run”

click start

click run

2) Input cmd into the following

run dialog

3) Press “ok”, you will find MS-DOS command prompt window popping up

command prompt

Here goes the crucial step, you have to make sure the command line you are going to input accurate.

pcltool.exe -width 500 -height 500 C:\in.prn C:\out.pxl


  1. C:\in.prn is to specify a prn filename or a directory for input,
  2. C:\out.pxl is to specify the pxl file name for output.
  3. width 500 -height 500 is to set page size width to 500 and height to 500.

Once the inputting is done, press “ok”, you are allowed to see

detailed operation of command line

Open your file to check


And its detailed properties


The above pictures fully demonstrate that you have successfully converted prn to pxl. If you have pxl reader in your computer, you can click it to open to verify the setting of page size.

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