How to set bit depth when converting HTML to PCX?

VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line is the right choice to convert HTML to PCX, convert webpage to PDF, and convert webpages to other image files like TIFF, PNG, and JP2 via command line. VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line can not only convert a single web page to PCX and other file effectively, it can also batch convert multiple HTML files in a fast way.

PCX, Personal Computer eXchange, is the native file format for PC Paintbrush and became one of the first widely accepted DOS imaging standards. PCX is an image file format that uses a simple form of run-length encoding. The PCX format is a relatively simple format that provides a minimum of compression using Run Length Encoding. PCX files have been extended to record true-color (24-bit) images, but still it is commonly used to stored palette-indexed images ranging from 2 or 4 colors to 16 and 256 colors.

This article would like introduce a way to set bit depth when batch convert HTML to PCX. The command we are going to use is -bitcount <int>, which is for bit depth setting. Three parameter values are permitted here: 1, 8, and 24. Three steps are required to set bit depth and batch convert HTML to PCX:

1. Run the command prompt window

Some of you may even think that command line is too complex for you to understand. In fact, it is very easy to learn how to use command line to master the computer and accessible. The first step you need to do is run the command prompt window. As I said, it is simple, only four little steps can help you open it:

Click “Start”; > Click “Run” on the menu that appears on the computer screen; > Enter “cmd” in the “Run” dialog box, > Click “OK”.


2. Enter a command line

Generally speaking, to convert HTML to PCX and set color depth, the command line should consist of four factors:

htmltools -bitcount <int> <HTML file> <PCX file>

  • Factor 1: htmltools ---- the executable file
  • Factor 2: -bitcount <int> ---- the command which can be used to set color depth. The angle brackets are used to mark the essential content. int means integer.
  • Factor 3: <HTML file> ---- the input HTML file(s)
  • Factor 4: <PCX file> ---- the output PCX file(s)

When you enter the command line in the command prompt window, Please enter the whole directories, rather than only the names, of the files in the command prompt window. For instance:

D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe -bitcount 8 D:\in\*.html D:\out\*.pcx

  • D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe is the directory of the executable file htmltools.exe. The directory tells the computer where the executable file has been placed. According to the directory in the example, the executable file has been placed in the folder htmltools on disc D. The example directory can be replaced by the directory of the executable file in your computer.
  • -bitcount 8 can be used to specify 8-bit as the bit depth for the output file. The number can be replaced by 24 or 1.
  • D:\in\*.html is the directory of the input files. This directory indicates that all the HTML files in the folder in on disk D are the input files.
  • D:\out\*.pcx is the directory of output files. It indicates that all the original files should be converted to PCX files, and should be stored in the folder out on disk D.

3. Press “Enter”

Click the single key “Enter” on the keyboard, you can control the computer to batch convert HTML to PCX files in the color depth of 8-bit right away and quickly view the effect of the output PCX files in the specified output folder. If you are interested in other articles, you can also read the related articles at the knowledge base of VeryPDF.

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