How to set bit depth when converting HTML to TIF?

What is HTML Converter Command Line?

HTML Converter Command Line, as a HTML converter, is capable of converting HTML to TIF and other files like PDF, PCX and TEXT. It also can be used to convert between files like from PNM to JP2. HTML Converter Command Line is available at the following website:

What is TIF?

TIF is the abbreviation of Tagged Image File Format. It is a raster graphic file format. Files in TIF format can be used to store images in black and white, true colors like 24-bit. TIF is commonly used for storing digital versions of image files. It is a standard format which can be used for most scanners and software applications. Scanned paper documents are stored in an image. As a flexible and adaptable file format, TIF can handle multiple images and data in a single file.

How to set bit depth and convert HTML to TIF?

Bit depth can be used to express the number of colors in digital images. The command -bitcount <int> is for color depth setting. The following introduce how to set bit depth and convert HTML to TIF via command line.

1. Run the command prompt window

  • Click “Start” on the computer desktop;
  • Click “Run” on the home menu;
  • Then, in the “Run” dialog box, you should
    • A. Enter “cmd” in the “Run” dialog box at first;
    • B. Click on “OK” in the “Run” dialog box to run the command prompt window.


2. Enter a command line

In the command line, four factors must be concluded: the command, and three files. Look at the following pattern:

htmltools -bitcount <int> <HTML file> <TIF file>

  • htmltools ---- the executable file.
  • -bitcount <int> ---- the command that can be used to set color depth. The angle brackets enclose the essential content. int means integer, which allows 1, 8 and 24 here.
  • <HTML file> ---- the input file, it is a webpage file, in the format HTML.
  • <TIF file> ---- the output TIF file. It is a spool file.

Now you know what factors must be concluded in a command line, it’s your turn to enter a command line in the command prompt window in the full form. The full form means that you should enter the whole directories of the files rather than only their names. For instance,

D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe -bitcount 24 D:\in\dream.html C:\out\dream.tif

  • D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe ----the directory of the executable file htmltools.exe. And this executable file is in the folder htmltools on disc D. You can change the directory.
  • -bitcount 24 ---- the command which is used to specify 24-bit as the output TIF file. The number can be replaced by 8 or 1.
  • D:\in\dream.html ---- the directory of the input file. This file is a HTML file, and is called dream in the folder in on disk D. This directory can be replaced.
  • C:\out\dream.tif ---- the directory of the output. The output format have been set to be TIF. The name of the file is dream and it should be placed in the folder out on disk C.

3. Press “Enter”

As soon as you press the “Enter” key on the keyboard, the computer will convert HTML to TIF immediately.

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