Why my image file can not be converted to PDF by img2pdf?

Some days ago, a customer sent us a letter to require why his tiff file can not be converted to PDF file by software img2pdf. His ticket said that “purchased img2pdf.exe in order to convert several files from .TIF to .PDF the program worked excellently for many days - now I am getting several error messages while converting, see attached a file which can not be converted by img2pdf.exe also you find the error message. Could you please check out why the error is occurring and I’m not able to convert these files?”

In order to solve this matter for those who are using img2pdf and will use this software in the future, I put an article here to share with our customers.

After checking the attachment, I find there are two pages of his tiff file. Further checking its property,I get where the problem lies in. The property of this file shows like this:

customer tiff file property

The tiff file using the compression method “Old-Style JPEG(in tiff)” which can not be supported by software img2pdf could not be converted to PDF file. That is the reason why img2pdf failed in the converting this tiff file to PDF file.

One maybe can not help wonder that is there a way to shot this matter? Do you have another software which can overcome this defect of img2pdf?

Two pieces of suggestion here when this kind of case happens:

1. When tiff file needs converting, check its property first. If there is no compression in tiff file, convert it by img2pdf directly. If the tiff file does use compression, please convert it to JPEG file format. Converting JPEG file to PDF is a piece of cake for img2pdf .

Analysis:Tiff file format is more powerful in storing information so it is bigger in size. In order to save disk space, the tiff file often be  saved using lossless compression. But software img2pdf can not decompress the tiff file and convert it to PDF file. So the converting failed. “ Whoop……”

2.Alternative software. Image2PDF OCR  http://www.verypdf.com/tif2pdf/tif2pdf.htm. This software can  create text-searchable PDF image + text format with compressed hidden text layer, so it can recognize the compressed file. By this software, you can convert the compressed tiff to PDF directly.

Extended reading:Image2PDF OCR product provides the most accurate OCR results available to the production imaging marketplace while minimizing PDF file size with full compression and retaining original image and text layout. If you need to convert pdf to ocr pdf, image to searchable pdf file, this software is worthy of having a try.

If you have any question or good suggestion for us, you are welcome to our live chat or email us to support@verypdf.com

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