Why my registration code can not work?

Dear support,

I've purchased and registered my VeryPDF PDF Restrictions Remover but it keeps putting an error message up that I need to register it whenever I open up some PDF files. What do I do to stop this?


j'ai acheté mais impossible de faire marcher, il me demande Regmote ???,je tape le numéro d'enregistrement ça ne marche pas Puis autre manip on me demande d'installer office alors qu'il y est Réponse urgente un téléphone serait souhaitable.


Some of our customers sent us letters to ask why their code can not work normally.  Just as they state in the letter, even if they have paid for the software and got the full version code but the annoying message box  which followed with the trail version always shows up during the operation.  In order to avoid this kind of thing happen in the future, I put an article here for our future customers to share.

There are some cases that this  kind of thing will happen.

1. Then key code will be sent to your Registration Verification Email Box in the form of letters together with some numbers. Then the customers will copy the key to the registration dialog.  But carelessly you may leave a blank space in the registration dialog. Then the registration failed.

2.You have downloaded the wrong version. We have put many kinds of versions of the same software on our website to cater to the different needs and purposes from all customers. Say one likes the GUI version  but the other likes the command line version. Some need end sever license but some need the developer license. If you paid for the end sever license  and downloaded the developer license. Of course the key code can not work normally.

So some suggestions here:

1.Please check whether you have left a blank space after inputting the key code.

2.Download the right version.

3.Please do not input the key code manually. You’d better use the keyboard shortcuts “CTRL+C, CTRL+V” to input the key code.

In the future, we will add a special function that it can filter the blank space automatically for the newly developed software. Then this kind of case will never happen again.

If you have checked many times and the key code still can not work, please contact us as soon as possible. You can email us to support@verypdf.com or  come to our live chat. We will shoot the trouble for you once we know it.

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