How to convert MS PowerPoint documents of ppt to tif ?

Have you ever failed in converting MS files to image? Have ever tried to convert all the printable file to image file  then you can view them like viewing picture? Have you ever been puzzled for how to keep your printable file in a safe and easy way? If you need answers to those questions, please read this article. Then I will show you how to convert MS files to image and keep them in a safe and easy way. Let take the converting from ppt to image, then ppt to tif for example.

I do the conversion from ppt to tif by docPrint Pro in four steps.

docPrint Pro is the main player to finish the  task. So we need to download it and let it run in my computer. There are many other versions for you to choose. Such as command line, GUI, or the combination of command line and GUI.  You can choose the version  according to you needs. docPrint Pro is a three –in –one converter which can be used as printer driver, file format converter and compressor. If you would like to know more about it, you’d better visit its website.

  • Make the conversion.

1. Add files to docPrint Pro. There are three ways for you to choose. a,simply drag the files need converting to the interface blanks. b. click the button “Add file” to choose the folder then add them. c. click the “file” option then go to “Add file”.

add file to docPrint Pro by dragging

2. Choose output file format. Click the button “Setting” then go the first label named “Base setting” sub label and choose tif in the drop down list.

add files

3. Edit the image property. If you need to adjust the color depth and image resolution, please go to “Save image mode” label by clicking the setting button.

add files by file option

4. Do the conversion by clicking “Start”. In this step, you need to choose a folder to save the converted image file. Three seconds later, you can get the converted file in the chosen folder.

This is the whole process for converting ppt to tif using software docPrint Pro. This way can also be used in the conversion from all the printable files to image file or PDF file. The compression will be made automatically. If you have any question about his software or file format converting, you are welcome to email us at at any time. Once we see it, we will reply you at once.

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