How to print html to ps?

The introduces you quite effective software, Document Converter. It provides you with a virtual printer, docPrint PDF Driver, with which you can print html to ps in an easy and quick manner. Document Converter is a software with strong competitiveness in its price and performance. Except for its capacity of conversion file to 50 plus formats, Document Converter can define page size, set image resolution, all contribute to your pleasure to work. If you have demanding requirements, you can use the command line version, it has already been tailored for you.

The first step for printing print html to ps is to download and install Document Converter by click the below link Having seen the icon appearing, you will finish the installation of Document Converter icon of Document Converter

When the installing job is finished, you continue to print html to ps, this article use test.html to illustrate. Please 

Open test.html file, and select “File ” go for “Print”as  Picture 1 suggests, when you see a dialog box “Printer” popping up, please select “docPrint PDF Driver” in drop-down list and press “OK” as Picture 2 indicates.


                                                          Picture 1


                                                       Picture 2

Later, you will see “Save As” dialog popping up.


In this dialog, you have to specify the four steps to accomplish the printing html to ps.

1) choose a directory for the output file in “Save in ” drop-down options. 2) type a name in “File name” , 3) choose the format, PS, in “Save as type” drop-down list. 4) press “Save” to save all the changes you have made.

Till now, you have succeeded in printing html to ps. From the above simple operation, you are clear of that docPrint PDF Driver is ideal tool for you, if you need it desperately, please purchase here. You are strongly encouraged to purchase and register you copy, because the trial version with watermark in produced files.  If you want more information, please visit

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