How to print rtf to bmp?

The BMP file format, also known as bitmap image file or Device Independent Bitmap (DIB) file format or simply a bitmap, is a raster graphics image file format used to store bitmap digital images, independently of the display device (such as a graphics adapter), especially on Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating systems. The BMP file format is capable of storing 2D digital images of arbitrary width, height, and resolution, both monochrome and color, in various color depths, and optionally with data compression, alpha channels, and color profiles. Based on the above advantages bmp file hols, you can print rtf to bmp for easy viewing purpose. The tool to print rtf to bmp is docPrint Document Converter Professional. docPrint Document Converter Professional has two divisions; one is docPrint, the other is docPrint PDF Driver. In the below part, the focuses the later one, docPrint PDF Driver and tells you how to print rtf to bmp file.

Download & install docPrint Document Converter Professional

During the installing process, you are bound to see the below installing registration window.

registration window of  docPrint Document Converter Professional

There are two ways to experience docPrint PDF Driver: one is to press “try”, the other one to press “Buy now”. The former one means you are entitled 100 times free of charge to experience this wonderful software. The latter one means you purchase it for permanent use.

Open rtf for printing purpose and launch hot key “Ctrl+P” to print rtf to bmp

rtf file

Select “docPrint PDF Driver” and press “OK” in the popping up window


Save in the file, name it and select a format for output in the popping up window,  in this article, choose bmp, like the four steps indicate.  

define bmp file

Open the file check

                           Snap190                                     Snap189

                           rtf to bmp


From the above procedures, you will find docPrint PDF Driver quite easy and effective to operate. With docPrint Document Converter Professional you can convert your documents from and to 50+ formats easily. Apart from printing rtf to bmp file, you can try other functions by yourself.

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