Convert PowerPoint to WMF by command line

Do you want to use a command line to convert PowerPoint to WMF? VeryPDF Document Converter (docPrint Pro) is definitely one of the best choices. As an all-to-all document, Document Converter is capable of generating over 100 image formats from any printable files, let alone the function of converting PowerPoint to WMF. Besides, Document Converter provides a command line version and a GUI version.

This article will focus on the command line version, and show how to use it to convert PowerPoint to WMF. Please download it by clicking VeryPDF Document Converter (CMD). After you install it on the computer, please do as follows:

1. Open the command prompt window

Assuming you are under Windows XP, please open the command prompt window by clicking the start button at the bottom of the screen> click Command Prompt on the Start menu. Then, the command prompt window will pop out.

2. Type a command line

To use the command line application to convert PowerPoint to WMF, you should type a command line in the command prompt window. The command line must in line with the usage of the executable file named doc2pdf. It might be helpful to take a look at the following basic usage and examples:

Usage: doc2pdf [options] <-i Document Files> [-o Output]


  • “C:\docPrint Pro v5.0\doc2pdf.exe” -i E:\in.ppt -o D:\out.wmf
  • “C:\docPrint Pro v5.0\doc2pdf.exe” -i E:\*.pptx -o D:\*.wmf

In each of the examples, the path of the executable file is enclosed by a pair of quotation marks. This is because some words are separated by spaces. The first example converts a single PPT file to a WMF file, and the second one converts multiple PPTX files to WMF files. Don’t forget to press Enter after you type a command line.

VeryPDF Document Converter is a powerful document application. If you want to see more features of this product, please visit the following website:

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