How to convert DOC to PDF and set PDF title via command line?

Actually, it’s very easy to convert DOC to PDF and set PDF title via command line, if you have a good tool. I would like to recommend you the command line version of a Windows-based application which is named VeryPDF docPrint Pro. People also call it Document Converter Professional. It is a kind of all-to-all document application. Not only can it convert DOC to PDF, it can also convert any printable files to PDF files and image files. Besides, it provides a lot of options. With the assistance of VeryPDF docPrint Pro, you can take only two steps to convert DOC to PDF and set PDF title. VeryPDF docPrint Pro provides a 50-time free trial version, so, why don’t try it right away?

After you install this application, the first step you need to take is to access to the Windows command prompt. For example, in Windows XP, you should: click Start at the left end of the task bar on the screen, > select Run from the Start menu, > type cmd in the Run dialog box, > press Enter.

When you see the command prompt window on the screen, you are going to take the second step: to type a command line in it. Refer to the basic usage: doc2pdf [-t <title>] <-i input file> [-o output file]. The following is an example: C:\docPrint Pro v5.0\doc2pdf.exe” –t “docprint” -i C:\*.doc -o D:\*.pdf. This example can convert all the DOC files in the root folder of disk C, and set PDF title in batch. The combination of wildcard * and a file extension refers to all files of the same type in a folder. The path of the executable file is enclosed by quotation marks, because it have space. Please type a command line to meet your needs. After typing a command line, please press Enter.

This is the way I used to convert DOC to PDF and set PDF title, if you have better ideas, why not share them with me? You are welcome to leave messages,

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