How to convert documents of MS Office to tif?

Converting Office to tif by Document Converter can be realized in a few seconds. Tif is also called as tiff which stands for Tagged Image File Format that is a file format for storing images, popular among graphic artists, the publishing industry and both amateur and professional photographers in general. In this article, I will show you how to do the conversion freely between Office and tif.

Here I will say one word or two about Document Converter which is file format converter, as its name implies, it nearly can convert all files that could be printed to PDF files or image files in batch. If you need to know more about it, you can visit its homage by clicking here.

According to my using experience, I divide the conversion from Office to tif  by Document Converter  from the following steps.

Step 1. Install Document Converter.

This step can be realized by clicking this link Once you click it, you will be reminded to save its exe file or not. Please save it bravely, as it is completely no virus and free to be tried at least twenty times. Follow the installation reminder  to install it, then you can get it in a few seconds. And it is not hard to find a new icon on the desktop. By double clicking its icon, you can begin your free trial tour.

Step 2. Set target file format.

Our aim is to convert all the files of Office to tif, so we need to specify the output file format as tiff by clicking the button "Setting". "Setting" can lead you to the main menu option label where you can find five sub menu labels. Only first two of them will be helpful for the conversion from Office to tif. The first allows you to set the target file format as tif. The second one named "Save image mode" allows you to adjust the image resolution and color depth for the converted tif files.

Step 3. Add files.

This step can be fulfilled by any ways. Say if your files kept on the desktop, you can simply drag all of them to the interface of this software. If the files kept in a folder, you can either add this directory to Document Converter  or specify this folder to be monitored . Those two options are included in the "File" option on the top.

Step 4. Choose a folder to save the converted files.

Last step need to be done is choose a folder to save the converted files by clicking the button "Start". After you choose a folder, the conversion from Office to tif will be run automatically. Three seconds later, the converted tif file in the appointed folder will tell you how successful the conversion from Office to tif is.

Here I will call an end for the conversion Office to tif. If you need to know more, you are welcome to email us at


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