How to convert HTML to postscrip?

When you need to check the HTML files but you can do not have corresponding browser installed, how you should do. Say you are iPhone 2 user; you do not have HTML reader on your smart phone then you can not read it. Here is one way to help you out. You can convert HTML to postscript, and then postscript can be viewed freely. If you are interested in this topic, please read this following article.

I do the conversion from HTML to postscript by software Document Converter which can convert all the printable file to image files or PDF files. Like, HTML files (*.htm, *.html, *.shtm, *.shtml, *.mht, *.mhtml), all can be concerted to postscript files. As to the detail operations, please refer to the following part.

First, download Document Converter.

When you click “Download” on its website, you will see a message to remind you save the file “docPrint_Pro_setup.exe”. Please do not surprise for this new executable file. docPrint Pro is the nick name of Document Converter. Here is the free downloading link for you. If you need the full function version, I guess, you have to pay for it here. When you install it successfully, there will be an icon on the desktop. Double click it then you can use this application.

Second, add files to it.

As we need to convert HTML to postscript, we should pick up all the files needed converting to a folder which can be monitored by pressing the button “File” on the top then choosing “Monitor a special directory” in the dropdown list. No matter which version of HTML, you can add them to this folder; once you add it then they will be converted to postscript files.

Third, set target file format.

Click the button “Setting”, there will bounce a new menu option. Please pay attention to the first one and the second sub menu label. In the first “Base setting” sub men label, you can set the postscript which has been short for ps as the output file format in dropdown list. In the second label named “Save image mode”, you can adjust the image resolution and color depth for the converted ps file. As the parameters changing, you can make many different versions of ps files. HTML to postscript can be finished in all kinds of versions.

Forth, run the conversion.

As all the preparative work has been done, you can choose a folder to save the converted files by clicking the button “Start”. The conversion from HTML to postscript is totally automatically, you do not need to do anything. Just give three seconds to this converter, and then you can browse the HTML in the form of image.

This is the end of the conversion from HTML to postscript. Thanks for your reading.

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