How to convert MS Visio documents of vsd to png?

No matter what reasons make you fall in love with MS Visio, but there will be always one reason that makes you feel that MS Visio is not so perfect. That is few other programs can read Visio files, then you can not use it together with other applications. Here I have an idea to show you that converting vsd to png then maybe you can browse it causally. If you feel this topic may be helpful for you, please read this article.

Document Converter is an application which can convert all the printable files to image files or PDF files. Of course, vsd to png is just a slice of its conversion ability. In this article, I will force on how to convert vsd to png by Document Converter.

Download this application.

By clicking the following link, you can get the trail version of Document Converter.

If you need to get full function version, you can pay for it then the code will be sent to your email box automatically. Or you can click the button “Register” on its interface then you can also get the formal version.

Run this converter.

If you are used to using the MS DOS Windows, please call this software exactly. As this software is a combination of GUI version and CMD version. If you use the GUI version, just double click its icon then you can enter its interface.

Add files.

Pick up all the files needed converting into a folder, then add this folder to this software by clicking the option “File” on the top then go to “Add a Directory”. For long time use, maybe you can choose a directory to be monitored then once you add file to this folder, it will be converted at once. This function can be realized by clicking the button “File” on the top then go to “Monitor a special directory.”

Choose target file format.As we need to convert vsd to png, we should set the output file format as png. This steps can be reached by clicking the button “Setting” then go to “Base setting” sub menu label where you can find a dropdown list that is made for you to choose output file format.

Set image resolution and color depth.This aim can be reached by clicking the button “Setting” then go to “Save image mode” sub menu label.

Start the conversion from vsd to png. Click the button “Start” to choose a folder to save the converted files. Then the conversion from vsd to png will be processed automatically. The conversion from vsd to png lasts three seconds then you can use the converted file.

This is the end of the conversion from vsd to png. If you have further question, you are welcome to email us at or come to our live chat.

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