How to convert MS Visio to tif?

Converting Visio to tif is a way to extend Visio into more areas. And once you have a try then you can feel how powerful the conversion is. I can bet that if you know how to convert Visio to tif then you will have a clear idea for Visio to common image formats, like jpg, eps.

What Visio can be used for?

This answer can be replied in the following three aspects.

1. Create Charts

You can use Visio master plate to make some basic charts or create some charts according to your own needs. Network chart is also allowed by MS Visio.

2. Share created charts to web or office.

However, all the functions can be realized on the premise that you have installed the MS Visio and Office, or else you can not make them come true.

A way to use Visio without MS Visio and Office installed.

Use software docPrint which either can be used as printer driver or a file format converter. If you need to know more about it, you can visit its homepage. Or you can share my link to have a free trial. Let check its input file formats by the following picture. From this picture, we can know that VSD file format is supported. So Visio to tif  maybe is available.

input file format

We can also know its supported output file formats by the following picture. Now I can judge that Visio to tif  is definitely ok for docPrint.

output file format

As to its functions, it allows users to set image resolution and color depth during the conversion if you convert it to image file. And if you need to convert it to PDF file, you can also set the password and edit property of it.This software was designed to convert all the printable files to image or PDF files. And its interface is user friendly, once you open it, you will know how to use it.

Visio to tif is just a slice of docPrint, but just by the conversion from Visio to tif, you can have a rough idea for converting other printable file to image file. If you feel heart beating for this wonderful software, why not have a free trial now? Here is the link for you.

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