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I am a office potato and I need to handle hundreds of PDF files from various sources each day. If some of them are helpful for my colleagues, I will print them directly then distribute them to my colleagues for reference. If those PDF files are valuable for my boss, I will send them to my boss by emails. However, if the PDF files are usefully for my websites then I will take screenshots of the PDF files exactly for my future use.

Gradually, I felt my work is boring and complicated´╝îbecause my boss told me that the printing was a kind of wasting time and money and the emails I sent to him were too long and too big to be read on his Smartphone. Then I begin to figure how to make my work easy and high-efficiency. I searched from the website. After many times trying and asking then I make it. Maybe you can not believe it; I can use the time and money 1/2 of before.

Now I will share my experience with you.

PDF to Word and PDF to PPT.

Instead of printing the PDF files, I showed the useful PDF files to my colleagues in the form of PPT once a week. Compared with printing files, PPT is more dramatic and easy to be learned. If the PPT files are usefully from the whole, then I will convert the whole PDF to PPT. If only some of the words useful in the PDF files then I will convert the PDF to Word first, then make a copy of the text and images from word document to create a PPT myself. Maybe you can not help wonder how can I convert PDF to Word, or PDF to PPT easily then I will show you my winning magic weapon. I got it from many times trying.

When I do the conversion from PDF to word, I searched much software. Some of them are good in quality but dear in price. Some of them are cheap in price but bad in quality. Only one of them is my fancy whose name is VeryDOC PDF to Word Converter. By it I can convert tens of PDF to word in a time. And if you want to have a test yourself, maybe you can free download it here.

If you need to convert PDF to PPT, you can use this app named PDF to PowerPoint Converter which can convert the hundreds of PDF to PPT in a blink. If you would like to use it free, maybe you can share it by my link here.

PDF to image and PDF to Searchable PDF

Before I made this directory, I have to open the PDF file then take a screenshot for the usefully part. It takes a lot of my precious time. You know if I can not finish my work, I have to say goodbye to my dating and party. Maybe I have to work overtime till the deep night. Then my friend told that she had been using very helpful software named PDF to image converter which can convert PDF to image and PDF to searchable PDF files which means that the PDF files can be copied like word document. It sounds perfect to me, so I have a try. To my disappointed, this software is not good. The PDF files can not be copied after conversion. I blame my friend that she is a Spanish athelete. But she made fun of me that I did not know English. As I downloaded the wrong version of the software, Image To PDF OCR can be right to my requests. Seeing from its name, you may think this software as image to PDF converter. However, it can be used as a PDF to searchable PDF converter. If you would like to have a try, maybe you can share my downloading link here.

As to my boos questions, I find a useful software to solve the PDF size problem. Its name is PDF Croper which can do the trimming for your PDF files according to your needs. After the cropping the PDF can be browsed on his smart cell phone. So I will be not be blamed.

Totally those software costed no more than 100$ but I get the bonus from my boss more than 500$. I guess up to now, all my questions can call an end. But I have a serendipitous when I do the searching. I find a software named DOC to any converter which can convert all the Office, OpenOffice or HTML, MHTML files to PDF or image files. If you are interested in it, maybe you can visit its homepage by here. To my disappoint, even if I am fond of this software but it is the command line version which I can not understand it totally. To whom this matter concerned, can you make a GUI version then I can use it to have trial. Hoping my experience will help you now or in the future.

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