Use PDF Stamp on Windows 7.

I am a PDF Stamp user. I have recently upgraded one of our workstations from Windows XP to Windows 7 (32 bit). After the upgrading of our system, I found the software PDF Stamp 2.3 which could not be used any more. So I thought it was not compatible with Windows 7 at first. We use the product to stamp faxes received in the format of PDF for a long time. It does a good job in the Windows XP but now it can not work any more.

Check reasons.

According to my memory, PDF Stamp can work in the all the window system. As least, I was told like that when I bought this s/w. And I was also told that PDF Stamp was made on the windows system. So first of all, I sent an email to VeryPDF about this problem. And Then I was asked to send them order ID for checking. At first, I can not understand why they need my order ID and what the ID is. But through asking my friend I know that order ID begins with the letter U or E and it is used for searching my order in the order sea. Then they can know when and which software I bought and whether needs updating or not. Then I cease to be angry for the explanations.

Then I checked my ID for a long time because actually I do not know where it is shown. But I finally I found it and sent it to the VeryPDF.Maybe then minutes later, I got a letter sent from VeryPDF. Then I know how silly I am. And my face feels burning for my mistake.

Matter resolved.

In the ticket, I was told that the VeryPDF PDF Stamp does support Windows 7 system. But I should use administrator privilege to install and run it on Windows 7 system, then I can get it work properly.

Even if I use this software for a long time and I do know well about Windows 7,but I ignore the difference between systems. In order to help more who have the same system problems, I put an article here for you to share. I guess, most of the software on VeryPDF has the same problem when you change the PC system. Hoping this article will be helpful for you. Also, if you need this software, maybe you can have a free trial here.

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