How to convert PRN to PS and rotate the page?

If you are looking for a tool that can help you convert PRN to PS and rotate the page, why not try VeryPDF PCL Converter? It is a stand-alone application, and supports batch conversion, drag and drop, page size settings, color depth setting, etc.

You can download it by clicking VeryPDF PCL Converter. After install it on your computer, you can try it free for dozens of times. The following shows how to use it to convert PRN to PS and rotate the page.

Firstly, please run VeryPDF PCL Converter. You can right click on its icon on the desktop, and then click Open on the list that appears. Then the interface of this document converter as follows will be displayed on the screen.

VeryPDF PCL Converter

Under the list box of the main interface, there are seven buttons. You can click the first three buttons to input PRN files, set options, and start conversion. After you input the files, the file names, paths, sizes and other information of the input files will be displayed in the list box. You can click the fourth and fifth button to change the order of the added files.

Secondly, you should add PRN files. Please click Add File(s) on the interface. > In the dialog box that pops out, please select the PRN files you want to convert and click Open. Then, you can view the information of the selected PRN files in the list box.

Thirdly, you need to set options. Please click Setting at the interface to open the dialog box as the following one. There are five tabs. On the default tab entitled Base Setting, you should specify .ps as the output format in the Output format combo box; and select 270, 180 or 90 as the angle degree for rotating. After setting options, please click OK.

set options to convert PRN to PS and rotate the page

Fourthly, please click Start on the interface to open the Browse for Folder dialog box, > select a folder from the dialog box, > click OK in this dialog box to start conversion.

This is how you can convert PRN to PS and rotate the page. The trial version of VeryPDF PCL Converter adds watermarks on the output files. If you want to get the full version, please click Register on the interface, and following the instructions in the dialog box to purchase it.

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