How to convert PRN to PXL and rotate the page?

Recently, I found an easy to operate document converter named VeryPDF PCL Converter. It is designed to convert laser printer output files such as PCL, PX3, and PRN to PXL, PDF, TIF, JPG, BMP, etc. I used it to convert PRN to PXL and rotate the pages. The result turned out to be successful. So I would like to share the method with you.

VeryPDF PCL Converter can be tried for scores of times. Please free download it by clicking here and install it. Then, follow the four steps as follows to convert PRN to PXL and rotate the pages:

1. Open VeryPDF PCL Converter

The quickest and simplest way to open VeryPDF PCL Converter is double clicking its icon on the desktop. But it might be much safer to do as follows: right click the icon and then click Open on the list that appears. Anyway, the interface of VeryPDF PCL Converter is as follows:

VeryPDF PCL Converter

2. Input PRN files

VeryPDF PCL Converter supports drag and drop. So you can either click the Add File(s) button on the interface to input the PRN files, or drag the PRN files from Windows Explore and drop them to the list box on the interface. No matter which way you choose to input the PRN files, you can view the information of the added files in the list box.

3. Set options

There are two options you need to set: the output format and the rotate angle. Please click Setting on the interface to open a dialog box as the following one. To specify PXL as the output format, please select .pxl from the Output format list. To rotate the pages, please select 180, 90, 270 or 0 from the Rotate angle list. You can also set other options if you like. After setting the options, please click OK and proceed to the next step.

set options to convert PRN to PXL and rotate the page

4. Start conversion and save the PXL files

Please click Start on the interface. Then, select a folder in the Browse for Folder dialog box that pops out for saving the PXL files that are going to be converted from PRN. After that, click OK in the Browse for Folder dialog box. The computer will prompt to convert PRN to PXL and rotate the pages for you.

Do you think this method is simple? Are you satisfied with the quality of the result PXL files? If you want to create PXL files without the watermark added by the trail version, please purchase the full version by clicking the Register button on the interface.

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