Print webpage to pdf and send pdf to other people by email

With PDFcamp Printer, you can not only print webpage to pdf easily, but send pdf to other people by email without your own email account logged on in Windows platforms.

Generally, all you need to do is just to take several steps like below:

1. Install PDFcamp Printer

You need to install PDFcamp Printer through double clicking the installer downloaded from this link of and following the setup wizard on your computer step by step.

2. Get the prepared work done and accomplish your conversion of webpage to pdf and sending pdf by email to other people

After the installation of PDFcamp Printer, please do the followings to get the prepared work done:

  • click “File” > “Print” after a webpage is opened on web browser, then you can get print panel where you should click “PDFcamp Printer” so that PDFcamp Printer can be used later, and also you need to click “Properties” on print panel so that properties panel can be popped out

print panel properties panel

On properties panel, please click “Email”, then you need to click check-box of “Sent mail directly through SMTP server” so that you can edit sender and receiver email account, the content and the SMTP server with the relative account edited through “Setting” button, then, please save this setting and close properties panel by one click on “OK”.

  • after you click “OK” on properties panel, you can go back to print panel, and if you want to print webpage to pdf and send pdf to other people by email, please click “OK” on print panel so that you can not only get a targeting folder by selecting one in dialog box of “Save As” and clicking “Save” but also get your task realized with PDFcamp Printer

click "OK" on print panel save PDF with one click on "Save"

When you read here, it is nearly an end for this article. And for any concerns about this conversion from webpage to pdf and sending pdf to other people by email, please add your comment here; and if you want to know more of PDFcamp Printer, please click this link: To buy this dreaming tool, please click this link:

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One Reply to “Print webpage to pdf and send pdf to other people by email”

  1. I’ve been thru all the FAQ’s here looking for an answer. I’ve upgraded to 2.5 since I have Win7 Pro (64bit). I’ve been using V2.1 & 2.3 for years on XP Pro to send out thousands of emails at the touch of a button with the built in email manager they had. I was disappointed to see that missing from v2.5, but I’ve replaced the email calling part with a BLAT routine.
    However I cannot get PDFCamp to print me a useable PDF on Win7. Although choosing PDFCamp via a print dialog works fine, passing an output filename results in a non-PDF output!
    Here’s what appears to be the header & file ending of an apparent postscript file, not a PDF although that’s what the file is named as. Of course, Adobe cannot open it as is:
    %%Title: Invoice
    %%Creator: PScript5.dll Version 5.2.2
    %%CreationDate: 6/26/2012 10:57:4
    %%For: bwitte
    %%BoundingBox: (atend)
    %%Pages: (atend)
    %%Orientation: Portrait
    %%PageOrder: Special
    %%DocumentNeededResources: (atend)
    %%DocumentSuppliedResources: (atend)
    %%DocumentData: Clean7Bit
    %%TargetDevice: (VeryPDF Writer) (VeryPDF.108) 0
    %%LanguageLevel: 3

    %%PageBoundingBox: 0 0 595 842
    %%ViewingOrientation: 1 0 0 1

    %%BeginResource: file Pscript_WinNT_ErrorHandler 5.0 0


    %%BoundingBox: 0 0 595 842
    %%+ font Helvetica-BoldOblique
    %%+ font Times-Bold
    %%+ font Helvetica
    %%+ font Helvetica-Oblique
    %%+ font Helvetica-Bold
    %%+ font Times-Roman
    %%+ procset Pscript_WinNT_ErrorHandler 5.0 0
    %%+ procset Pscript_FatalError 5.0 0
    %%+ procset Pscript_Win_Basic 5.0 0
    %%+ procset Pscript_Win_Utils_L2 5.0 0
    %%+ procset Pscript_Win_GdiObject 5.0 0
    %%+ procset Pscript_Win_GdiObject_L3 5.0 0
    %%+ procset Pscript_Win_Dib_L2 5.0 0
    %%+ procset Pscript_Text 5.0 0
    %%+ procset Pscript_Encoding256 5.0 0
    %%+ procset Pscript_Win_Euro_L2 5.0 0
    Pscript_WinNT_Incr dup /terminate get exec
    ehsave restore
    %%Pages: 1
    (%%[LastPage]%%) =
    My feeling is that since PDFCamp works just fine via the dialog method, that something may be going wrong with the GhostScript type portion of the process (and I assume that PDFCamp uses it as do most other similar PDF printer routines do). Or there is something wrong with settings. I’ve re-installed both the PDFCamp and even Adobe (just in case) several times with no improvements. What could be done to fix this? Thanks!

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