Print WMF to PDF and send PDF by email to other people

With the help of PDFcamp Printer, you can accomplish sending email of PDF to other people during the conversion of WMF file to PDF file in Windows systems. In another word, PDFcamp Printer could not only help you print WMF to PDF, but also send PDF by email to other people. Here is the method to realize them on your computer:

1. Install PDFcamp Printer on your computer: after you download the installer of PDFcamp Printer via this link:, please double click it on your computer, then you need to follow setup wizard to install PDFcamp Printer on your computer.

2. Open a WMF file and click hotkey of “Ctrl + P”, then you can get photo printing wizard like below, and please click “Next” there in order to follow that wizard step by step:

open printing wizard

3. Then, please select “PDFcamp Printer” on dropdown list of “What printer do you want to use” in order to set PDFcamp Printer as your converting tool, then please click “Printing Preferences” in order to get its panel popped on your screen:

select "PDFcamp Printer" and click "Printing Preferences" click "Sent mail..." and edit sender and receiver and SMTP with one click on "Setting"

After you open properties panel, please click “Email” in order to switch to its panel, then please click check box of “Sent mail directly through SMTP server” so that the edit-boxes of “From”, “To”, “Subject” and “Content” can be activated, and you can type relative sender, receiver, content of email in relative edit-boxes. Also you need to type SMTP server in edit box of ‘Outgoing SMTP server”, and click “Setting” for editing account of authentication with one click on “Ok”. At last, please click “OK” on properties panel in order to save your setting.

4. When program jump back to properties panel, please click “Next” so that you can select output layout for printing WMF to PDF, then please click “Next” in order to get dialog box of “Save As” where you need to select a targeting folder and click “Save” for saving PDF file, then along with one click on “Save”, PDFcamp Printer can print WMF file to PDF file and send email of PDF to other people on your computer:

select output layout of PDF and click "Next" save PDF with selecting folder in dialog box of "Save As" and one click on "Save"

At the end of this article, you can drop your comment here for the concerns on this process of WMF to PDF and sending PDF by email to other people. To know more of PDFcamp Printer, please visit the homepage of PDFcamp Printer at this link:

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