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There is a useful and powerful application with a user-friendly interface which can be quickly and easily accepted by most people named as VeryPDF PDF Editor. It is designed for editing and viewing pdf document, at the same time, you can also see it as a document converter which is able to convert many kinds of file formats to pdf document, including any printable documents and image on your system clipboard. You can also use it to convert pdf document to various image formats such as converting pdf to tga.

With the help of PDF Editor, you can also set some parameters for the target image file. For example, you can select the page range of inputted pdf document and convert the selected pages to image files. It also supports to set image resolution in X-direction and Y-direction. For using PDF Editor, you need to download it at The installation is necessary and you can just following the wizard appearing on the screen to set up the application.

The conversion from pdf to tga is consisted of three steps—Opening the application, inputting the source file and running the conversion, all of which are shown below:

Firstly, please open PDF Editor. If you have created a desktop icon of PDF Editor, it will be easy. You just need to double click the icon or right click the icon and click “Open” option in popup dropdown list. If there is no application icon on the desktop, please click “Start”— “All Programs”—“VeryPDF PDF Editor v2.6”—“VeryPDF PDF Editor” to open the application from all the installed programs on your computer.

Secondly, in the user interface of PDF Editor, you need to do the next job to add the converted pdf document to application. Please click “File”—“Open” or click “Open” button, which will help you open “Open” dialog box. Then please choose the file you want to convert and click “OK” button in “Open” dialog box. The shortcut key “Ctrl”+ “O” will also help you open this dialog box.

Lastly, you need to save the inputted document of pdf to tga format image via the following operations. Please click “File”—“Save as” or use the combination “Shift”+ “Ctrl”+ “S” to open “Save as” dialog box in which you can save your target file. For example, “Save in” dropdown list enables you to search for a suitable location for the target file. “File name” edit box gives you a blank for inputting output file name. “Save as type” dropdown list supplies many kinds of supported output formats and you need to choose “TGA File (*.tga)” and the button “Save” allows you to save all the made changes.

Please see “Save as” dialog box in Figure 1.

save pdf to tga

                                              Figure 1

These are all the operations you need to do and if you have any questions about the conversion from pdf to tga, welcome leave a reply or come to our live chat and we will reply back as soon as possible. The homepage of PDF Editor:

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