Can you show me a method to convert RTF to GIF?

HTML Converter can help you convert RTF to GIF on computers of Windows systems.

For more information of HTML Converter, please go to homepage of HTML Converter, which is located on our official website. 🙂

Then, please install HTML Converter on your computer: double click installer of HTML Converter > follow setup wizard step by step till the end. So you can continue to convert RTF to GIF with HTML Converter:

1. Double click shortcut of HTML Converter, so GUI interface of HTML Converter can be opened on screen, where you can click “Add Files”, then select RTF file in pop dialog box > click “open”, so this RTF file can be added for this process, which can be shown as path in processing form like below:

  interface of HTML Converter

set targeting format as GIFselect targeting folder and click

2. Then, please click “Setting” on GUI interface so that targeting format can be set and its properties can be edited, too:

After you click tab “Base settings”:

  • to set targeting format as GIF, please click “.gif” on dropdown list of “output format”
  • to edit image bit-count as 1 bit, 8 bits or 24 bits, please choose one of options on dropdown list of “Image Color Depth”
  • to edit image resolution, please select one of options on dropdown list of “Image Resolution”
  • to set page orientation as portrait or landscape, please click radio of “Portrait” or “Landscape”
  • to preview GIF after process, please click check box of “View after conversion”

Finally, one click on “ok” of that panel can help you save your settings here.

3. At last, please click “start”, then after a dialog box called “browse for folder” is popped out, please select one folder and click “ok” there, so later on, GIF can be produced into targeting folder.

So, here is the last paragraph of this article, which is about a method to convert RTF to GIF with HTML Converter. For any questions on this conversion and illustration, please drop your opinions here. Thank you for supporting here. 🙂

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