Convert documents of webpage to PDF and set PDF password by command line

It is not a difficulty to convert the document of webpage to pdf and set pdf password for protecting the documents. If you want to finish this conversion quickly, you can use the command line application of Document Converter as your helper which allows you to conversion any printable documents to various image formats and set parameters for the target file within three steps.

Please see the following contents about the conversion from webpage to pdf and you will get some useful information about the application you use and the conversion process.

The command line application is one internal application of Document Converter. It also has two other applications—GUI application and command line application. With the GUI application, you can make the conversion from documents to images in batch more easily because it has a user interface that can be accepted by many users. The virtual printer application can be used to save paper and ink because it is able to scale page size and combine several pages on one single sheet.

You can download the free trial version of the command line application at the following website: Please install the command line application on your computer. Then you can see the executable file named as doc2pdf.exe which is the called program in the conversion from webpage to pdf in installation folder.

In the conversion, the first step is to open MS-DOS prompt window. You can click “Start”—“Run” to open “Run” dialog box. To open the same dialog box, you can also use the hot key “Window”+ “R” on your keyboard. Then please input “cmd” in “Open” combo box of “Run” dialog box and click “OK” button.

Then please input the command line which contains called program, parameter for setting pdf password, source file and target file. Please see the following command line:

doc2pdf -s openpwd=123 -s ownerpwd=456 -s keylen=0 -s permission=3900 -i “” -o C:\out.pdf


doc2pdf stands for the called program.

-s openpwd=123 is for setting pdf open password as “123”.

-s ownerpwd=456 sets pdf owner password as “455”.

-s keylen=0 is to set the key length as 40 bit RC4 encryption.

-s permission=3900 is to set the encryption standard for denying pdf document from being done anythind.

-i “www.verypdf.comstands for the URL of input webpage document.

-o C:\out.pdf is the name of output pdf document.

At last, please click “Enter” button on the keyboard to run the conversion from webpage to pdf. To buy the command line application, you can visit the following webpage:

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