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To convert the image of PIC to searchable PDF document, you will need the OCR application to help you because the OCR embedded application is able to recognize characters in the image. The application VeryPDF Image to PDF OCR Converter and the command line application Image to PDF OCR Converter Command Line can do this kind of work for you.

If you want to use these two kinds of application, please enter the homepage to download them. The GUI application needs to be installed on your computer, while the command line application just needs to be unpacked.

This article will show you how to convert PIC to searchable PDF by GUI application at first, then by the command line application.

Make the conversion by Image to PDF OCR Converter.

Please open the application at first. When you can see the main interface of the application which is shown in Figure 1, you are able to do your operations. Please add PIC image into the application by clicking “Add File (s)” to open file picker window in which you are allowed to choose the file you want to convert from your computer. When you click on the added file in file list, you can see its preview in preview frame. If you want to zoom the image, please click the options in “Image (I)” button in the toolbar.

interface of Image to PDF OCR Converter

                                                                  Figure 1

Then please click “Setting” button to open the dialog box “PDF E-Book Maker-OCR Version” in which you need to click “OCR” tab and check “Use OCR” option. Then please click “OK” button and click “Make PDF” button. Two options will come out besides this button and please click on the options “convert selected 1 file into one pdf file”. The “Save as” dialog box will come out, in which you are able to save the target file.

Make the conversion by Image to PDF OCR Converter Command Line

The called program in command line application is the executable file img2pdf.exe in unzipped folder. To convert PIC to searchable PDF document, you need to open MS-DOS interface at first. Please click “Start”—“Run” to open “Run” dialog box in which you can input “cmd” in “Open” combo box and click “OK” button.

Then you need to input the command line into MS-DOS interface. The command line contains called program, parameters to realize different functions, target file and source file just like the following usage shows:

img2pdf [options] <-o output> <image>

If you can not understand the template, please see the following command line example:

img2pdf –x 1 –j subject –b -1 –o C:\target.pdf D:\file-test.pic

In the command line,

img2pdf is the called program. When you call it in the command line, please use its full path.

–x 1 is for creating searchable PDF document.

–j subject is to set PDF subject.

–b -1 is to use no bookmark.

–o C:\target.pdf stands for the path of target file. This option must be customized by yourself.

D:\file-test.pic is the path of source file.

For running the conversion from PIC to searchable PDF in command line, you need to hit “Enter” button on your keyboard.

All the operations about GUI and command line applications are finished. If you have any

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