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Hey, everybody, do you want to split pdf document to some single files if the original one is a huge file? If you need to hand out the salary details to your staffs according to their names from a whole summary sheet, you may need a kind of application which is able to split pdf document basing on content. Now the powerful program VeryPDF Content Splitter Service will come and you can freely specify the split rules according to your requirements.

VeryPDF Content Splitter Service is a powerful Windows program which is a background running splitter. It supports to add split rules according to the your own needs and you can also choose different splitting methods such Split when text changing in specified location, Split when text same in specified location and Split when text changing  in specified location and group.

Dear friends, the following contents are the main features about VeryPDF Content Splitter Service. If you are not satisfied with these functions or they cannot answer your requirements, please bring up your options or ideas to strengthen our products and they will be the gifts for us from you. If your ideas is really feasible and picked by our software designers, you will get the freeware software to use. So just connect us by clicking here.

Main Features of VeryPDF Content Splitter Service

1. Customize split rule

VeryPDF Content Splitter Service allows you to customize the split rule and name the rule yourself. For example, when opening and previewing the PDF document in this program, you can choose a text block and make it as the split rule. At the same time, you can also name the split rule. For example, you can name it as “Salary”, “ID”, “Company”, etc. What’s more powerful is, Content Splitter Service is able to save these rules automatically so that you can conveniently split pdf document at the next time.

2. Different split methods

Different people may split the same pdf document with different ways. For example, Nancy may want to split pdf document when the text in the specified location is the same, Tracy may want to split pdf document when the ID number changes in specified location, Charles may want to split pdf document when staff name changes in the same location, etc. So to meet these requirements, Content Splitter Service supplies three kinds of split methods:

  • Split when text changing in specified location: For example, if you want to hand out the salary details to each company staff, you may want to use this way. You can choose the name, number of some people and choose this way, so the pdf document will be split when text changes in the same specified location.
  • Split when text same in specified location: You can choose some kind of text as the split rule such as the company name. So when you use this split way, the pdf document will be split to single ones with the same chosen text in them.
  • Split when text changing  in specified location and group: Also continue to use the first split way. But if there is a blank page following behind the identified page, it will be as a group one with the identified page and will not be split alone.

3. Split blank page and name the page automatically

You may not need the blank page when you split pdf document. So Content Splitter Service offers a function to help you split the page which does not have any content and name it as blank.pdf automatically. So when you browse the target files, you can see which one is the useful one and which one is the blank one.

4. Specify the split page

You can specify the split page just by inputting the page range in the application in From and To edit boxes, which is a flexible and practical function for you.

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