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To convert the open and free e-book standard epub format file to flip book, you can use the application VeryPDF EPUB to Flipbook. This application can help you create the flip book which can be displayed online or offline with dramatic page turner effect. It is really an ideal application if you want to create flip book or ebook from epub format file.

If you want to know the main features of VeryPDF EPUB to Flipbook, please go on reading the following contents. You can see whether the features can meet your needs. If so, we will be glad that you are satisfied with the application. If not, please tell us which function you don’t like and which kind of function you need. So please help us to make VeryPDF EPUB to Flipbook more powerful.

1. Sound effect flip book

When you read some fashion magazines online, you may find that there always flow out a fair-sounding music, no matter rock, jazz, blue, country, etc. But these background music can attract you to read the magazine although the contents in it is not so charming. So it is important to add a background music to your flip book. VeryPDF EPUB to Flipbook allows you to add many kinds of sound formats like mp3, wmv, mid, etc. to the flip book.

2. Provide multiple flash templates for flip book

When you read different ebook or flip book, you will find that the flash effects in them are different. That’s because the flash templates used in the flip books are not the same one. So to create a flip book which differs from others, you can choose one special flash template for the flip book.

3. Set permissions to the buttons in flip book page

There are some buttons appear in the flip book page like print, email, help, etc. If you don’t want them to be enabled, you can choose to hide them in the flip book page. Of course, you can also show them.

4. Add encryption to protect created page-flipping eBooks 

If you want to protect the created ebook from being opened by others, you can add the encryption to it.

5. Support batch creating mode

If you want to convert epub to flip books in batches, VeryPDF EPUB to Flipbook allows you to do this kind of work. You can add a batch of epub files into the application or add a folder which contains epub documents into VeryPDF EPUB to Flipbook.

6. Create two kinds of target file.

VeryPDF EPUB to Flipbook can create two kinds of target file: flip book and pdf document. So you can choose any format according to your need.

Do you have any opinions about VeryPDF EPUB to Flipbook now? As long as you want to say something about it, please leave your words here or contact the support team of VeryPDF.

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