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About VeryPDF Image2ICO

VeryPDF Image2ICO allows you to convert various image to ICO singly, including BMP to ICO, RLE to ICO, JPG to ICO, GIF to ICO, PNG to ICO, WMF to ICO, WMF to ICO, JPE to ICO etc.. With VeryPDF Image2ICO, you can generate icon files from any images so simply and quickly.

About main function of VeryPDF Image2ICO

VeryPDF Image2ICO helps you not only basic conversion from image to ICO, but also let you edit icon attributes on your computer.

Here are main functions of VeryPDF Image2ICO below, which makes you understand more about this awesome application:

1. Run in Windows systems

2. So many kinds of image formats could be converted to ICO, such as JPEG, BMP, PNG, WMF etc., including raster and vector image formats as you wish.

3. Automatically remove added image file

4. Different icon sizes can be customized flexibly due to users requirements, e.g., 16x16, 32x32, or 48x48

5. Color depth of generated icon could be adjusted manually, e.g., 16 bits, 256 bits, true color or XP style

6. Rotation could be easily set depending on your wills, for instance, 90 degree or –90 degree

7. Support flipping files vertically or horizontally

Referred to supported properties mentioned above, and with the help of VeryPDF Image2ICO, various icons could be processed from input image files in different aspects.

Free VeryPDF Image2ICO as reward

Have you ever thought about attending to a plan for designing an software before? No matter what your mind is right now, here, we provide you a chance for accomplishing your amazing mind to come true. You can contact us through 2 ways:

  • Contact our technique team
  • Write down your great ideas here as your comments for this article

And it will be honorable for us to receive your precious suggestion, which is about how to enhance quality of VeryPDF Image2ICO or what should we do to fit for more customers flavor etc.. And you will get free product for a gift on thanking you for being engaged in improving VeryPDF Image2ICO ever and making them be a real part of advanced features of VeryPDF Image2ICO.

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