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Maybe there are several interesting images or some meaningful text in your pdf page and you want to crop them out to a single page. Or you may come across the situation that there are too much blank page margin in some pdf page and you want to crop the extra margin and retain the useful part.

So the coming application VeryPDF Page Crop will do this kind of work for you because it allows you to draw many crop boxes in one pdf page and then crop them to single pages. You can set the page size for the new created pdf pages. In this article, you will see main functions of VeryPDF Page Crop and if you have some good ideas about it, welcome to bring up.

Key Features of VeryPDF Page Crop

1. Support drag and drop operations.

VeryPDF Page Crop allows you to add pdf document by dragging and dropping the file into the application. When you want to add pdf document into it, you can choose to click button for opening the file picker window in which you are able to choose the document that you need, or you can choose the way to drag file and drop it into the file list of VeryPDF Page Crop, which is thought as the most convenient way.

2. Preview the input pdf document.

In this application, there are a big and clear preview window in which you can see the thumbnails of each page on the left and you can see the detailed page on the right. You can zoom in or out the current previewed page or make the page to fit width or height. You can also jump to any page that you want.

3. Draw crop box

There are two ways for you to draw crop boxes

  • Draw crop boxes one by one. You can activate the draw crop box button and then draw the box in the previewed pdf page to surround the text or image you need.
  • Draw crop boxes table. You can activate crop box table button and then input the rows and columns that you need. After that, a crop box table will appear in current pdf page and you can check any one of them to change its size by drag its bolder or specify the height or width values.

3. Set page size for output pdf document

You can set the page size for output pdf document. There are various kinds of ISO standard page size for you to choose in the application and you can also set the page size yourself by inputting the page width and height. The content location of output pdf pages can also be specified for different kinds.

4. Set resolution for output pdf content.

You are able to set pdf resolution for the output pages to control its showing quality.

Now if you have got some advices or ideas for this application, please leave a message here or contact us. If your ideas are adopted in this application, you will be able to use VeryPDF Page Crop for free. Does it sound interesting? If so, just start to give us your gold ideas!

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