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If you have a lot of photos, do you want to touch up them before uploading them on the internet for sharing them with your friends? Maybe the photo is darkness, the person in the photo has red eyes, there are some thing in the photo that you don’t want to show to others, etc. All these problems will be resolved if you choose the application VeryPDF Photo Touch as your tool.

In the application VeryPDF Photo Touch you can make many kinds of operations to your photos. In this articles you will see which features or the application can help you and you need to choose which one to resolve the related problems. Now VeryPDF Photo Touch is a developing application which needs you to bring up some opinions. If your opinions are adopted, we will send this application to you as our gratitude for your support.

VeryPDF Photo Touch can do the following jobs:

heart Add batch photos at one time

If you want to optimize a lot of photos at one time, you can use VeryPDF Photo Touch to add them with three ways:

  • Add the folder which contains all the images you need.
  • Drag and drop the photos you want to optimize.
  • Open the file picker window in which you can find the images you need to use.

heartRotate the image

You can use VeryPDF Photo Touch to rotate the image by the common angles like 90, 180 and 270. You can also set the angle freely according to your needs. You can see the rotation result in the big and clear preview window. If you are not satisfy with the rotation, you can reset all the operations you have made.

heartCrop the image

If there are some things in the photo that you don’t want to show to others or you just want to retain some part of the photo, you can use the crop function. By the rectangle supplied by the application or the one dragged by yourself, you can easily crop the image to a smaller size one.

heartBright the image

If the original photo is too dark you can bright it with this function. There are some brightness templates supplied by VeryPDF Photo Touch, or you can set the brightness degree yourself until the photo is perfect.

heartRed eye correction

Just select the part of the photo containing the red eyes and use red eye correction function, then VeryPDF Photo Touch will do all the rest work for you. You don’t have to make a precise selection; the red area will be found in the selected area and corrected automatically.

heartAdd frame and decorate for photos

To make your photos more beautiful, you can add some special frames and decorates to the added images. VeryPDF Photo Touch supplies many kinds of photo frames and decorates which are able to touch up your photos and you can choose any one or ones in them.

Do you think VeryPDF Photo Touch is powerful enough? If you have something to say about it, please leave your messages here or contact VeryPDF support team now!

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